Management Of Hair Loss

Management Of Hair Loss

With constant advertisements claiming to improve the quality of hair, or even stimulate re-growth, it is important to understand the most effective medically proven methods of containing hair loss and ensuring healthier hair. Coupled with these advertisements come a number of common misconceptions as to the most effective ways to look after your hair, and things to avoid to maintain its thickness. The emotional distress which goes hand in hand with hair loss can cause serious problems for many sufferers, although the majority will benefit from simple lifestyle changes and changes to hair care in reducing and managing its excessive loss and making it look and feel healthier.

Many people are under the impression that dandruff, or similar irritations of the scalp do not lead to hair loss. In the case of dandruff, which is a result of fungal growth, this is certainly a contributory factor to the loss of hair, which can be irretrievably damaged by the scratching of the scalp brought on by the presence of the fungus. The fungus responsible for causing the condition is transferred through the air, and can commonly be detected which is why the problem is so widespread. To eradicate the condition would be simply unfeasible and impossible, given the quantities of the fungus found in the air which cause the itching and flakiness associated with the condition.

It is also a common misconception that by blow drying hair, we give it volume and body. This is certainly not the case, with the intense heat from the hair dryer causing serious damage to hair, making them brittle and fine, and ultimately encouraging their loss. On a similar vein rigorous towel drying can cause hair loss and scalp irritation, which is again bad for the overall condition of the hair.

The common fear that medicated shampoos have a negative effect on the hair has led to many patients living with the unnecessary discomfort of dandruff and an itchy scalp. This is simply not true, with the majority of like shampoos having beneficial properties for the overall quality of hair as well as treating these conditions, ultimately leading to healthier hair, and helping maintain the natural hair growth cycle.

Additionally, meagre alterations to diet, and aiming to reduce daily stresses can have a positive impact on hair growth. By eating a healthy balanced diet, you can be sure to keep your hair healthy and maintain the natural growth cycle thanks to the presence of all the appropriate vitamins and minerals. Healthy body generally equates to healthy hair, so it is important to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to keep your hair loss at bay. Secondly, stress and trauma are major causes of hair loss, so it is important to try as far as possible to minimise these from your life. Stress can also negatively impact the body and influence other conditions, leading to heart attacks and strokes which should obviously be avoided. By making these simple changes to your lifestyle, you can reverse the symptoms of hair loss and encourage natural hair growth for healthier, longer lasting results.