Know about Individual Health Insurance plans «

Know about Individual Health Insurance plans «

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Know about Individual Health Insurance plans Individual Health Insurance plans are designed to offer health cover only to an individual. These plans are purchased either by singles or by people who want to save tax, as the premium paid for these plans are tax exempted, as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act. These plans offer financial coverage for medical exigencies.

An unforeseen event in life may bring health issues in life, which might become the cause of hospitalization. Medical costs are increasing tremendously and are expected to increase with a greater pace over next five years. If the same continued, it will become difficult to avail quality medical care in the next few years.

Thus, in order to keep an individual away from such problems, it is better to have individual health insurance plan. Most of these plans are indemnity plans that pay for the medical expenses incurred in availing treatment for health issues. These plans come with a long list of benefits that include cover for inpatient treatment charges, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, maternity benefits and many others.

There are many such plans available in Indian health insurance market, each with one or the other enticing feature. You need to focus at your healthcare needs while choosing a plan for yourself.

Besides it, there are family health insurance plans that offer cover to all family members, which may include an insured, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents, as per the terms and conditions of the plan. On buying these plans, an insured has to pay a single premium amount for all covered people. There are corporate health insurance plans that are offered by an employer to employees. All these plans have their own benefits and limits.

Many people concluded that there is no better plan than Apollo Munich’s Easy Health—Individual plan. It comes in three variants—Standard, Premium and Exclusive. It is also proved by the survey, whose results were published in the Economic Times on health Insurance products.

This plan, besides a long list of benefits, also offers add-on-services to its customers. It includes Cashless hospitalization and Healthline. Cashless hospitalization is most-liked feature by Indian population. People can seek medical treatment in network hospital without any anxiety for medical bills, as they are directly settled by insurers. Healthline is the other useful feature that gives an insured an access to talk to medical experts and seek their advice on health issues.

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