Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

My friends I want to talk to you about Beautiful yummy green smoothies and how they can make you healthier . For several years I had heard about smoothies and thought you just made them with milk.

Then I discovered you could make healthy smoothies with water, adding greens and fruit combinations and these are called “Green Smoothies “. So I went out and purchased a really good blender that could crush ice cubes as well. I also bought a couple of good books written by the experts so I could follow their recipes. Because if you start out doing your own thing at first, I’m not sure your going to be pleased with the tasting as I found out my self.

My reasons firstly for embarking on this journey was purely by accident and because I had so many health problems I decided I wanted to start controlling my own health. We all have a choice and I like this quote ” Wisdom chooses to do now, what it will be satisfied later on ” so if I feel better by becoming more healthy, I have made the right decision. This journey has lead me through different avenues and I’d discovered another added benefit is WEIGHT LOSS.

Health experts say we don’t eat enough fruit and greens in our daily intake of food and who really could blame us. Who wants to sit down for a meal of spinach, carrot, beetroot or whatever piled on your plate just to get the recommended nutritional daily requirements. And if we could, I’m not sure we even have the time to sit for that long and eat a meal like that with our busy lives.

My life is very busy and so when I go out to work I make myself a large Yummy Green Smoothie to take so I can drink it throughout the day. And I know that I’m getting all my vitamins and mineral for the energy I need for the day and I feel full. When we juice we take out the fiber in the food but if we blend we leave the fiber in that’s required to eliminate most of the toxins out of our bodies.

Plants grow and depend on sunshine and our life depends on plants. Green plants are a major source of chlorophyll so drinking Green Smoothies it is a great way of consuming the healing powers of chlorophyll. There is so many healing properties of Chlorophyll , it helps prevent cancer, improves anemic conditions, revitalizes vascular system in the legs, reduces pain caused by inflammation, improves vision just to name a few.

Yes I LOVE drinking my Green Smoothies for its HEALTH BENEFITS and WEIGHT LOSS and it only takes me 5 minuets to make one, hardly no washing up and it’s convenient to take anywhere. These are my favorite combinations I make, Spinach, banana,kiwi fruit,parsley– Watermelon, cucumber, lettuce,tomato– Pineapple, ginger,mint—Apple, avocado, beetroot leaves, spinach. Blending time will depend on the ingredients you are using but start off using the low speed, then increase the speed and blend until it’s creamy.

Drinking Green smoothies are only part of a good healthy lifestyle and you will enjoy your renewed vitality and energy. I’ve even introduced smoothies to my Granddaughter when she turned 6 months and she loved the taste. Those who combine greens with an all-raw diet will reap the most health benefits and and this is just one of MY WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS.