Eye in the Sky RC

Eye in the Sky RC


Thrust test of HQ6045 and HQ6030 fiberglass reinforced propellers Cobra C2204-32 -1960Kv 3S-4S -Available here http://www.eyeintheskyrc.com HQ6045 3S thrust(max): 712g Current: 13.3A Voltage: 11.6V 4S thrust(max): 988g Current: 18.2A Voltage: 15.4V * *Not recommended, high motor temperature and current higher than factory specs.

Put To The Test

A customer of mine sent me this video of his recent test with power combo, on his Blackout Mini H with extended arms. Very impressive, to say the least.

I had a chance to meet up with some local Blackout fliers, a couple weeks back, and we had a blast flying course laps around a vacant school park (I will post the video when its ready). I have been battling a strange yaw issue, which made tip-toe around certain situations, but all-in-all it was a blast to fly in a new venue and share the fun.

That is a birds leg.
A 3d plane joined the mix as well. We think the mini quads are fast...until you see a regular plane fly.

Thrust test subject: Cobra 2204-1960Kv Motor

Tests ran: 3s and 4s

Batteries used:

Turnigy Nanotech 1500mAh 3s 35-70c
Turnigy 1600mAh 4s 30-40c

Prop: HQ 6x3


3s with HQ 6x3 prop - 453 grams @ 7.7amps, 12.21v (motor was barely warm after final run)
4s with HQ 6x3 prop - 719 grams @ 11.7amps, 15.97 volts (motor was barely warm after final run)
***NOTE: 4s is not officially supported by Cobra for this motor. You may be voiding your warranty with Cobra operating this motor using batteries with a cell count higher than 3s.***

http://www.eyeintheskyrc.com First run at the thrust testing went very well, apologies for the horrid lighting and glare on the watt meter. Improvements will be made for the next test.

Big thanks to EngineerX for the assistance in building my rig, you can find him here: https://www.youtube.com/user/EngineerX

I couldn''t catch a break today. I hit 4 different limbs, 4 different trees. A testament to the strength of the frame, as the 4th branch was about 30 feet up, and mini h tumbled all the way down. Not even a prop bent! A quick snippet of a series of dumb crashes.

I should know better than to fly tired. Blackout Mini H Quad with extended arms Flip32 Cobra 2204-2300kv motors with HQ 6x3 props Mobius Wide actioncam frame: http://minihquad.com motors: http://eyeintheskyrc.com

Cobra 2204-2300Kv motors
Cobra 2204-1960Kv motors

A streak of both good and bad luck. Bad luck being my spotter lodged his V-tail in a tree just before this (which we recovered very quickly). I was determined to make him feel better, and I think I made it worse.

The good luck: I called the ground management group, and they zipped over and assessed the situation. Keeping in mind, this is not really something they consider not their responsibility, and that''s fair. But it just so happens they were going to be doing some trimming in the same area, and they just happened to have a 75-foot boom lift around the corner they were going to use in a couple of days. The supervisor gave him authorization to recover the quad, should it not fall out sooner. Early monday morning I got a call from them saying they were able to pluck it out of the tree, no problem. I lucked out in a big way. Thank you grounds management group, you saved my bacon!

After three days in a tree, powered on, the battery had a voltage of 1.37 volts upon recovery. lol. Don''t think I''ll be using that one again.

Total damage: 3 props and a battery.

Box o''Cobra 2204 1960Kv