African Mango - Frequently Asked Questions

African Mango - Frequently Asked Questions

African mango plants are a specfic type of fruit producing tree in the Irvingia Gabonensis family of plants. These plants have long been known for their healing powers and health benefits among native Africans. As soon as several years ago, multiple studies were conducted that pinned down why these results were so exceptional. The extract from the fruit of these plants was found to seriously increase weight loss, lower cholesterol and reduce triglycerides.

Q: How Quickly Will My Order Arrive?

We strive to ship out all orders the very same day. What this means is that typically customers in the US will receive their items in only 2-3 business days. International delivery varies from 7-21 days depending on where the package is going. All packages will receive tracking information.

Q: Will Your Company Ship Internationally?

Absolutely! For most countries in the world, we will be able to ship our product to them for a nominal shipping charge. At present, this is $9.99 for most countries in the world, and up to $13 for several countries that are particularly far away from the US. Our product does ship out from the USA, so it is best to keep that in mind when ordering.

Q: What Are the Guides That You Provide?

Depending on which package customers order, they will receive a different set of guides. If customers only order our African Mango product they will receive a African Mango guide specific to that program to help maximize their results. Customers who order HCG Plus as well will get the advantange of receiving the #1 HCG product in the world from our company, and the only real HCG product in the market. With that comes Dr. Simeons original book as well as our receipe guides and quick start guides for that program as well.

Q: I Have Heard a Lot About African Mango, How Does It Work?

The precise mechanism through which this extract works is still not entirely known, however, what is thought to be occurring is a change in the biochemical production of key hormones. African Mango extract is believed to be using natural fats to elicit growth and production of several hormones which decrease cholesterol and burn stored fat. What has been observed so far in studies shows a significant dropre Researchers Saying about HCG in stored fat while using African mango every day, though the full mechanism is still being studied.

Q: What Does the Research Show about African Mango?

The use of African Mango Extract is a powerful weight loss aid. The most well known study was recently published with the National Institute of Health and it indicated that not only did users lose weight, they had lower cholesterol etc. after. Mean body weight dropped by 5.26% among the group of participants. This is a tremendous result for a fully natural ingredient like African Mango.