How To Use Twitter Lists

How To Use Twitter Lists

Using Twitter Lists For Market Leadership on Twitpic

In late 2009 Twitter added an awesome new feature called Lists. It allows users to create lists of other account whether they follow those accounts or not. Twitter Lists are a powerful business tool for 4 big reasons;

  • Improving the quality of your Twitter reading experience. Rather than consuming a feed that has a mishmash of content you can group high quality twitter feeds into subject specific groups and read from them rather than the firehose.

  • Getting found. Twitter lists often rank high in search results so create lists around keywords in your industry or niche and give your prospects another way to discover you.

  • Showing Leadership. If you were to host a conference for your industry or niche and having the world’s greatest experts speaking do you think people would perceive you as an Industry Leader? Create a list of experts in your niche will a) give you great information about what’s hot in your industry, and b) if you promote the list to others its akin to hosting a conference.

  • Providing Value to others in your niche. If your prospects discover your Twitter Lists and find them full of useful info they are going to see you as being on top of new developments and they are going to be grateful.

To create a Twitter list, simply log into your Twitter Account.

Find the account you wish to add to a list, click the dropdown menu beside their account name and click “Add to list”.

If you don’t already have a list already created to add this account to just select “Create a list” and create one.

All your lists can be found at e.g.

Creating A Twitter List on Twititpic

For more help on creating your lists check out Twitter’s own How To Use Twitter Lists Tutorial

A quick way to create high quality lists is to find existing lists in your area of interest and cherry pick account to add to your own lists.

  • Create Public Lists for the main keywords in your niche. e.g. if you niche is Plumbing Supplies you might create lists like Plumbers Sydney, Plumbers Melbourne, Plumbers Brisbane, then Plumbing Supplies Wholesale, Bathroom Taps Manufactures, Vanity Unit, etc.

  • Create Private Lists with your competitors Twitter Accounts. This way you can dip in quickly and see what they are up to.

  • Add your Twitter account to expert lists. e.g. if you are a budding Children’s Book Illustrator create a list of the world’s most sought after illustrators and add your account to that list. You will be see as an expert by association and it may help you in become known by other leaders in the industry.

  • Create a list of allied services that your prospects might find useful. e.g. if you’re a Hairdresser your prospects might appreciate a list of shampoo makers, nail studios, shoe shops, fashion designers, etc.

  • Market your lists. Our Biz Tweet Tips lists are a tremendous resource, we share them through our websites, ebooks, email, newsletters, etc. Sharing your lists is another way to add value to your prospects and colleagues.

Action Step

BizTweetTips are only helpful if you act on them if you haven’t created a list who not create one right now? If you have lists why not share your list right now?If you found this useful please tweet this article or share it on Facebook or Share it LinkedIn