Develop Golf Physiques – Golf Exercise For More Power Tug – O – War Cable Rows

Develop Golf Physiques – Golf Exercise For More Power Tug – O – War Cable Rows

Team Edward!!!
You can try the exercises below my friend…just go and work on it…

For Leg: Leg abduction exercise (standing)

• Stand hip width apart (or slightly wider) and feet point straight forward
• Slowly raise (2-3 seconds) your right straight leg to your right side as high as you can and bring it back ( 2 seconds) to starting position
• Your upper body will tilt to opposite direction when you’re performing this exercise and that’s ok. But, don’t lean too much.
• Your right foot should not turn outward while you’re raising the right leg sideway
Perform between 8-12 repetitions for 1-2 sets and progressively increase the load of your sets, repetitions, and/or the speed of the movement.

Step-up exercise

*You can use a stable and secured elevated object* (chair, box, steps and so forth)
• As always, feet straight and hands can be behind the head, around the waist, or to your sides free
• Step up with the left leg and life the right knee waist height while you’re standing on the elevated object (the right knee should be at a 90 degree angle.)
• Step down with same leg you stepped up with (left leg that is) and repeat this step up exercise with the right leg. You’ll be alternating between the two legs.
*The elevated object can be between 8-13 inches. If you’re a novice, I recommend you to start with a lower elevation and gradually use higher elevation so your butt muscles are getting use to this type of exercise.

Standing butt squeeze exercise

• Basically you stand with locked out knees and feet pointed straight
• Your hands can be either relaxed extended to your sides or around your waist. Keep your posture good with chest high
• Now, squeeze/ contract the butt muscles (don’t bend your knees or tilt/thrust your pelvis) .
The squeeze should last about 2 seconds and then release, that’s it. You can do this butt exercise everyday as supplementary to the other butt exercises.

Another version of butt squeeze exercise is the Kneeling butt squeeze exercise.

Kneeling butt squeeze exercise

• Standing on your knees (kneeling position) hip width apart and hands around your waist…Squeeze your butt muscles
• Don’t thrust your hips forward while you’re performing the exercise
• Don’t slouch your back and keep your shoulder blades together
• Squeeze for about 2 seconds and release Perform two to three sets and repetitions can range from 10 to 30 repetitions and you can perform this exercise everyday because these butt muscles need that stimulus and counteract the lack of motion they go through everyday.

Speed skating exercise

This exercise can be butt muscle firmer and strength endurance ‘sweat dripping’ exercise. You’ll love it or hate, but do it anyway…
• Stand with feet straight and getting ready like the speed skating position…
• Forward positioning of your upper body (bending at your waist)
• Bend the knees and start pushing off the right foot to the left side and then immediately pushing off the left foot to the right side .
• Your hands should move naturally (forward) with each side stride you take with your foot
• Every time you land on your foot bend your knee so you absorb the impact that way your butt work very effectively.
You can perform this exercise as part of butt strengthening and/or aerobic workout. Initially start with 5 to 10 skating strides of each side (that’s total of 10 or 20 skating strides).
Or you can time yourself if you have a stop watch for 20 or 30 seconds before you rest and start again for one or two more sets.

Criss-Cross lunge exercise

It’s the same as the regular dynamic lunge exercise except for this following point: you lung across the body
• Stand hip width apart and feet pointing straight
• With the left leg step forward but to the right side of your body* and bend the forward leg (left leg) to a 90 degree angle or more.
• Your back Knee (right knee) can brush off the floor as indication how low you lunge
• Then push-off back with your left foot to the start position, so you have your feet aligned side by side.
• Now, repeat step two but the right leg steps forward instead the left leg.
• Keep your back straight and your hands around your waist
• Take about 2 seconds to lower yourself
*As you lung body crossing your forward lunging leg; knee cap and foot should be aligned pointing at the same direction

You can start performing 1-2 sets of 6-12 reps, and work your way up to more sets and higher repetitions.