Counting Calories, Does It Work?

Counting Calories, Does It Work?

Are the enemy Calories? The answer is No. Eating fewer calories will not result in weight loss. For example, if you are currently eating 2500 calories per day and drop to 1500 calories, you necessarily lose weight. If you cut your calories so drastically, you will reach a dieting plateau (you will reach a point where you will no longer lose weight.)

Let's begin with, how a person typically goes on a diet. One day you look into the mirror and see tight fitting close and you just don't look right. Your neck, arms, legs, and waist are larger than you remember. You put on a pair of jeans and they just don't pull on the way the use to, easily. They fit tight and are uncomfortable sitting down. Sound familiar? Anyways, on this day, you get angry and frustrated enough to finally put your self on a diet and decide to lose weight. And this time, you are going to stick to it.

Today is the day of new beginnings. You start by skipping breakfast and decide that you will have an early lunch, or brunch as they call it. Kill two birds with one stone. When it gets close to your next meal, all you can think about is food. You begin to get a little shaky as your body is not used to going this long without food.

You try to bravely tell yourself that you can do this, but you feel miserable. You want to lose weight but you don't want to be a quitter. For lunch you decide to have something small or maybe a salad, but your stomach is telling you its "HUNGRY." You are still convinced that eating less will get you to your goal.

By dinner, your hungry, tired and chances are you have a headache. You begin thinking, "Do you really want to do this everyday? Do you want to fight against yourself?" You are still so determined that you decide to stick with it for the rest of the day.

If you're brave then you may have held off for a week or two, chances are, you've gone back to your ways after only a few days. Usually diets link this end in some kind of binge which officially declares the end. Even if you were able to stick to it for a few weeks, you won't have lost any significant weight. You may have even made it worse. Since your body thinks it was starving, it begins to absorb every calorie that enters it.

You may have lost a pound or two, but this weight that was lost was only water weight and will be gained back as soon as you begin to eat normally again.

If you keep trying this type of diet, you will never lose weight. Well, not fat loss anyways. Depriving yourself of calories is not the answer. Your body needs the right type of calories and in the right combination. You could be losing weight eating normally; you just need to know how.