Weight loss of plastic

Weight loss of plastic

Weight loss of plastic


I 52KG 158CM, now, want to 45KG, how diet? I belong to that meat very loose very loose all very loose ~!!!


1, must on time for dinner. Regularly, make intestines and stomach feel \’eating food should come this time! \”. If you have no confidence to do so, then you can make alarm clock to remind you. The schedule will eat to scientific and reasonable, and keep it a habit. Only the gastrointestinal health, life will follow health.

2 and prohibit meals! Also avoid eating meals on the most effective method. Hungry several meal after meals, can make the nutrients in a dry quickly increase, naturally body will hoarding excessive heat. Also, eat a large amount of food will hold large bowel, and will therefore make colon obstruction, very easy to exercise or diarrhea, constipation. If you want to lose weight, you\’d better not let intestines and stomach disorder or fire.

3, must chew. Dinner time is the most basic of thin body to nibble slow pharynx. After 20 minutes until the pituitary will get food into the body\’s intelligence. Therefore, only slowly eat meals can be avoided.

4, eating and drinking is unfavorable. While eating water easily fat. While Even if one hour before meal drink will dilute acid, which can reduce the digestive functions. At the same time, two hours after the meal drink lots of water will lead to increased blood sugar. But human activities, the rest of the sugar to the whole body blood, then will be stored in slowly to transform adipose accumulation. Even without theoretical explanation, I also have this experience. In order to avoid water, don\’t eat spicy or salty foods.

5 and the rest after a meal also male and female have differences. According to the medical records, man for positive, so after dinner sit down and rest will help digest. While women show negatie, so after a walk or can do some mild games more help digest!

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