Secrets For Successful Colitis Diet Management

Secrets For Successful Colitis Diet Management

Whilst diet cannot be attributed to the cause of colitis it does play a role in the effective management of the disease. Through trial and error, a sufferer can create a successful colitis diet management code for themselves by identifying and eliminating certain foods that have the capacity to trigger symptoms. This can make all the difference in enhancing the quality of life for those that are diagnosed with the disease.

It is important to have acknowledged by those diagnosed with colitis that attention is directed to not only what they eat but also how they eat. This means reviewing the times of day that they eat plus also the amounts eaten. By eating smaller amounts more frequently this can help reduce the amount of work asked of the large bowel. If symptoms do appear, then it is wise to reduce the amount eaten quite drastically and only snack when feeling really hungry rather than try and continue with eating the same foods at the same times of day.

It can also be very beneficial if the sufferer maintains a food diary. This may not really appeal and perhaps be viewed as a time consuming chore yet by recording exactly what has been eaten a pattern will emerge where problem foods can easily be identified. If symptoms do emerge it is often too difficult to be certain exactly what has been eaten over the previous few days, and whether only one or more foodstuff is responsible.

A colitis sufferer is more likely to receive inadequate amounts of minerals and vitamins in their diets as certain foods will be off limits. Also when suffering from even mild symptoms, the body may not be replenishing these lost minerals and supplements quickly enough. This is where vitamin supplements can play an important role. It is important to discuss this with a doctor and dietitian to ensure that any additional supplements are really required to be taken, including what type and by what amount.

One other essential point to note for maintaining successful colitis diet management is the requirement to drink a lot of fluids. This is so due to the fact that it is all too easy to become dehydrated as a lot of fluid can be lost through diarrhea. Even when symptoms are not experienced, it is important to continue to flush out waste and maintain healthy organs, including the colon. Don’t be surprised to learn that water is the best source for this purpose. It is important to understand that such drinks containing caffeine and alcohol will exacerbate the problem of diarrhea, whilst carbonated drinks pose the problem of gas and the resulting discomfort.

Those diagnosed with colitis should not ignore the role of diet management which can assist in helping to maintain periods of remission. By paying attention to a few basic principles, successful colitis diet management is as important an element in the sufferers defense against the disease as the other recognised actions.