techniqes of stress to reduse sugar level

techniqes of stress to reduse sugar level

. Relaxed mind and body can be the gateway to more positive diabetes treatments, as well as reducing the possibility of complications in the future.

. People with diabetes also seem to have more constant blood glucose levels instead of the rise and fall so often experienced.

The hardest part about learning how to relax is training your mind to “let go” and calm itself. It''s easy for the body to automatically relax, but because the mind is always racing and thinking about what happened yesterday, what happened today, or what''s going to happen in the future Relaxation techniques that you can participate in include massages, visualization techniques, soft music, meditation, auto-suggestion, acupuncture, and prayer. Regardless of what relaxation activities you decide to learn, practice them in various situations. Learn how to relax while walking, standing, or even while moving. Your goal is to learn how to relieve tension regardless of where you are or what position your body is in. Besides, stress is more likely to hit when you are up and about and involved with an occurrence of some type.

Visualization is one relaxation technique that can be used for many situations and is extremely powerful. If done correctly, visualization can involve all of your senses to create that feeling of relaxation.. You can visualize being in a majestic garden and smelling all of the wonderful aromas that put you at peace and harmony.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between what you are visualizing lets go and you start to experience the feeling of bliss.

By making these relaxation techniques a daily and even an hourly part of your life, you experience less complication in the future