Know what they look like...

Know what they look like...

Identify them and get rid of them

As humans we treat certain parts of body with serious care and attention. The genital region is one such are that we notice everything that is there and anything that does not belong. It is through this close inspection that we usually find that we may have genital warts. Though we may find something that does not belong there does not mean that we have genital warts or any other kind of wart for that matter. Only a doctor can make a true diagnosis of warts but there is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of looking around for a genital warts diagram to see what it may be.

There are lots of diagrams of an abundance of types of warts out there but the thing is that you have to be careful when viewing them. The reason f or this is that most of the ones that are worthy of documentation are serious and severe cases of genital warts. You may have the beginning stages so they may not match at all. Also, diagram or not if you have genital warts in the throat then you will not have a basis for comparison anyway.

Continue to look on the internet or ask your doctor for pictures gential warts or even genital warts diagram to better understand what is out there. Even if you currently have no visible warts you may actually be carrying the hpv virus that causes them. Lots of people have the virus and never display visible ones but that does not mean it cannot be spread so feel free to get tested. A virus can hide form your eye but cannot hide from tests. Get the real answer from the horse''s mouth.

See what is out there first